Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Introducing, Neecy and Nay Nay

Neecy: My name is Shaneece but my friends call me Neecy.

Nay Nay: I'm Shanay but I'm mostly called Nay Nay unless Mama or Daddy is mad about something we've done wrong.

Neecy: We look just alike except I have dimples and Nay Nay doesn't.

Nay Nay: I have a beauty mark right above my left eye. Sometimes Neecy draws one with an ink pen to look just like mine.

Neecy: I'm missing my 4 front teeth. We always like looking just alike so I always smile with my lips closed.

Nay Nay: We have a hamster, his name is Puddin. He's soooo cute!

Neecy: Nay Nay is my bestest friend in the whole world.

Nay Nay: Guess what? I like liver and Neecy hates liver! I hate peas so Neecy eats my peas and I sneak and eat the liver that Mama puts on her plate.

Neecy: Sometimes Nay Nay wears her hair in braids and I wear my hair curly. Sometimes, I wear my hair in braids and Nay Nay wears her hair curly. My sister and I like to play tricks on people and see if they can tell us apart.

Nay Nay: My sister and I are going to be famous! We want to be singers. Our daddy will play our songs at his radio station.

Neecy: I hate, hate, double hate, germs! I like bugs but I won’t hold them until Nay Nay gives them a bath.

Nay Nay: We have a book coming out that tells all about how we helped Mr. Otis with his new choppers. (Choppers are false teeth). We had lots of funny being entrepreneurs. We hope that you will visit our blog often. We will have fun prizes and lots of giveaways.

Neecy: Yeah! See you again soon!

Nay Nay: Oh! We love, love, love being twins!

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  1. This looks very interesting. I'll be keeping an eye out for more :-)